Everett Mead

We established Everett Mead Ltd to provide a more personal insurance service and we are now in our fifth year and growing. We are a family owned insurance brokerage based in rural Warwickshire, with customers from Stratford upon Avon to Dubai

We chose 4CRM for our business for two key reasons. Firstly, we wanted to bring every process into one place to run our business more efficiently and secondly, we wanted a platform with a quick and scalable service. We were managing different business processes on different databases and we knew we could find more time and better business insight with the right CRM platform. 

4CRM was so easy to set up. Natasha came out to our offices and provided the information needed to get going. You can speak to someone with a question at 4CRM and get an answer same day, which is fantastic for us. We needed changes to be made to suit our invoice process and within a day, it was done.

4CRM has streamlined our business. From a process perspective, we have reduced the time we spend internally on a client by 50%, as 4CRM has brought the entire process together. At the same time, we have improved customer service with clearer customer information. 

If we are in meetings with a clients and they have forgotten to bring their policy documents, we can utilise our ipads or tablets to easily find the information require and display it to the client as well.  All of our customer information is now all in one place.

If work is being delegated internally or training a new member of staff, 4CRM makes it easy as there is one client record including customer contact, invoices, email history, notes, policy documents and tasks.   

We can run our business not matter where we are in the world. We can check, create or amend invoices and tasks at a customer level, send documents to the client if they have mislaid them and also look at business performance as a whole. 4CRM gives a real time and constant insight into our cash flow and marketing.   

We are passionate about continuing to provide the best possible service to our customers, with the right policies for them and efficient communications. We believe that focusing on the quality of your service to your customers, is the key to business growth. 4CRM has helped us to do that. It’s functional, it’s well priced, it’s quick. It’s the best CRM system service I’ve had.

Daniel McDonald, Everett Mead Ltd

NB Coaching

I work as a business coach, mediator and leadership development trainer, helping people to achieve their potential and achieve the success that they want in their business and in their lives. I love what I do and I’ve been doing this for over ten years now. 

I needed a system to manage my invoices for me, as being so busy, I found I would get behind with issuing them and chasing them and logging them as paid too. So I knew that my cash flow wasn’t as good as it could be.

With 4CRM, I can now quickly see where I’m at with client payments. In a few minutes, I can sit down, open up my laptop, see what’s been paid and what’s currently owed and know that 4CRM is sending reminders out for me. This has meant I am getting quicker payments and feel more in control of the client relationship. It also has a feel good factor for my client in that they are not paying for services from months ago that have faded in their memory and for me I am not chasing payment which never feels good and can damage the relationship for the long term.

I can issue an invoice to a client in less than 30 seconds, it’s so quick! And I can see what I’m earning each month. I feel more in control.

Being able to automate my invoice management through 4CRM saves me at least an hour a day, which means I can be out seeing another client. More than anything 4CRM saves me time so that I can be out doing what I enjoy doing, what I’m best at doing and what earns me money!


Educate Business

“Before I met Natasha I was thinking what I needed to change in 2014 within my business. I realised even though I am OK on follow up I did falter sometimes, instead getting lost in work and not chasing the potential new clients. Natasha provided a talk at a networking event and as she was telling me about 4CRM I could instantly see the benefits it could bring to my business especially on the part I was struggling with in remembering to chase my contacts. Before Natasha even told me the price I was sold but when she did tell me the price I was totally blown away at how cost effective and affordable it was and I was so excited to get going and I went straight back to the office and signed up straight away. 4CRM has changed my life! I can keep an eye on my contacts and update their records and I can add and manage my tasks to ensure I don’t miss a thing, this alone I know will grow my business this year and I am so pleased that I came across this wonderful product!”

Laura  – Educate Business