Ever wished there was a system for managing everything in your business in one place? Contacts, tasks, quotes, invoices, customer insight, business performance and more? A single simple platform? Easy to use, secure and mobile? Giving you more time, peace of mind, knowledge and control? Helping you to improve productivity and grow your business at your pace?

We did. So we developed 4CRM.


We have worked with many businesses over the years from small businesses to larger enterprises, local authorities and charities, since starting our own business Siteon Limited, 16 years ago. We build bespoke platforms to help manage data insight and develop processes.

It was a natural progression for us to build a cloud based CRM platform, so that smaller businesses and start-ups could centralise their data and understand their relationships from the start. This gives you a better chance of realising your goals quickly.

Customer insight is at the heart of the 4CRM platform, but you can also look at your business insight as a whole, for example, your cash flow, or which marketing activity has had the best return on investment. So 4CRM is more than just a Customer Relationship Platform, it is a complete business insight system.


If you simply change the way you use the important information you take the time to jot down, you can actually realise its potential. Understanding your customers will allow you to market to them better and serve them better and just these two changes can help you run your business more intelligently and grow much more quickly.

Customer data should be easily accessible so you can see every detail about your relationship at a glance, enabling you and your team members to speak confidently to every single customer as if they are your only customer.

Thoroughly understand and expertly serve your customers and they will recommend you.


Our customers were involved in the development of 4CRM from the start and we continue to develop 4CRM today. We believe in giving you flexibility and are led by both your requirements and innovation in technology, to continually learn and expand upon our range of services.

We are committed to providing you with an excellent and personal customer service and are rewarded by seeing our customers happy as they get organised, evolve and grow. This is why we do what we do. We are driven by the desire to change the way that businesses work for the better, through helping you to work and grow in a more efficient, productive and cost-effective way. We are proud of the very high number of referrals that we receive from our existing customers and of their loyalty to us.

Your success is our success.


There is a saying that a little change can make a huge difference. It’s true.

So no matter what size or age your business is, by simply implementing the right process and system you can improve productivity and efficiency, save your time, never miss an opportunity again and make more informed business decisions. You can feel in control and enjoy growing your business. We believe passionately that knowledge and organisation is key to business success. Your data should not be hidden away in a closed notepad or an excel spreadsheet! Its power can be released to work for you … and we can help you do that with 4CRM’s intuitive data platform.

Are you ready to make a little change and a huge difference to your business?