Integrations and API’s

We are pleased to anounce the following Integrations and API’s: –

Contact Us  – API – Wouldn’t it be great if all your Website Enquiries went straight into your CRM acccount. Well now they can with 4CRM, using our API, all the infromation you ask for on your Enquiry Page goes directly into your 4CRM account, automatically notifiying you by email, inserting all contact details and comments and adding the contact into your Pipeline.


Dropbox – 4CRM Document module is fully integrated with Dropbox allowing you to access all your documents stored securely in your Dropbox Account, right there in your 4CRM document folder. – All 4CRM customers can now send sms text messages directly to any mobile telephone number, on nearly any mobile phone network, anywhere in the world directly from your 4CRM account. Messages go direct and arrive within seconds. With such a large percentage of the population owning a mobile phone SMS Text Messaging cannot be beaten as a method for communicating. Users can send messages anywhere, at home, on the train or even at work! – The perfect, easy to use e-training platform to upload your course content using your own branding and deliver your courses to your audience. Speak to your Account Manager today about Integrating into your 4CRM account. By using this integration you can clearly see which customer s have signed up to your Training Course, all within your 4CRM Account, see if they have started the Course and whether they have passed or failed. View their Pass rate and view thier Course Feedback.