Estimate/Quotation templates.

If you often sell the same products or services, you can save a lot of time by creating custom estimate/quotation templates. By using a template you can send a complete quotation in no time. Go to estimates- template- create a template and add the items, give the template a name and save it. Then when ever you need to create an estimate you can use the template and edit if required.

Customise what features you and your team see in your menu.

Go to the configuration icon in the top right hand of your dashboard, click on the dropdown and click on hide/show left menu. Un-tick any features you do not use and click save. Your menu will only show the features you and your team need..

Advanced search templates for reporting on your data.

Create search templates that you can use to make reporting faster.
Simply go to advanced search, pick the database you want to work with and create your template, give it a name and save it for future use.

How much of each service or product are you selling?

Really Useful if you want to see how much you are selling of each service/product. Go to advanced search – invoices, select the item you want to review, either leave status and date range clear (for all) or pick the status and a date range and click search A list will display so you can see exactly how much of the item you have sold.

Consent Console

(Form, email and management console)

Every 4CRM customer has a consent console added to their dashboard to help them monitor consents from their contacts. It is a great way to keep your contacts updated with what data they have shared with you. All your consents current and your team informed, with full history tracking.

  • Consent Form. Create an email and form and send it to all your contacts to view or complete and send back to you, once you have received your responses you can monitor what was agreed or requested by your contact and action accordingly, keeping your information upto date and your contacts informed.
  • Consents sent already? Not a problem, simply update the status of your contact, add how consent was given and add some notes so you can easily track responses and keep a history log of what was said, by whom and when.
  • New contacts being added to your database daily? Easily managed; they are automatically added to your consent dashboard, ready for you to send your email and form to and capture their reply.
  • A full user guide is available when you login to guide you through the process and keep your consents and data current and correct.
  • Need an Audit? Simply go to the consent dashboard and view your contact, a full history log of the whole process is logged for you to view.

Data processing Identification

There are several methods to identify contacts based on the 6 lawful basis for data processing (Legitimate interest, Consent, Performance of contract, Legal Obligations, Vital interest or Public interest)

  1. Add a new field called data processing – create it as a dropdown so you can pick which of the lawful basis applies to your contact. You can then see the basis on their dashboard or download a CSV.
  2. Use category or status – you manage what statuses and categories you use, you have the ability to add 6 lawful reasons for processing the data and allocate them to your contacts for an overall dashboard view of them at a glance.
  3. Audit every activity, so you know what has happened and when.


Update to our Privacy Notice

We have always valued your privacy and want to be clearer about the data we collect and process. We have updated our Privacy Notice to reflect the high standards established with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Where is my Data stored?

Your data is and always has been stored in UK data centres, with top level physical and environment security. We do not use live data for testing, it is all ‘dummy data’ provided by our customers. Our backups are taken 4 times a day and are stored at a different location with in the UK. We retain our back ups for a period of 2 weeks for business contingency or recovery.

SAR- Subject Access Request

Individuals have always been able to request what personal information you may have collected about them, however with the GDPR legislation there has been a slight change in that you now have a shorter period of 30 days to fulfil this request. The other change is that now you cannot charge a minimal fee for fulfilling the request. Providing the information remains the same as before, you must supply it in a readable recognised digital format. This is easily achieved with 4CRM as you have the ability to download a CSV of individuals personal data you have and send it to them in a secure way.

Data Rectification

You can easily rectify the data you have provided us when signing up for an account by logging into your account and going to profile, where you can update your information at will.  For data held within your account- you can rectify any incorrect data within your 4CRM by going to the contact dashboard, clicking on edit and updating the fields that need to be corrected. Additionally if your contact has a login they can rectify the personal data you hold for them themselves. They simply login to their account and edit their details.

Right to be Forgotten / Data cleanse

You have the ability to choose to hard delete the personal data you hold on customers within your 4CRM. Simply pick the data you wish to delete and choose to hard delete it. This will then not only delete the personal data from the contact dashboard but also from within the activity logs and all tabs available within 4CRM. Additionally if you give your contacts a login to their contact details they can request you delete their data by exercising their right to be forgotten. They simply login to their account and tick the boxes next to the personal data they would like deleted. If your contact requests you delete personal data you will be sent a notification to allow you to validate the request and to fulfil the request once verified. This gives you and any individuals peace of mind that the data is completely deleted and not retrievable. This is also a great opportunity to clean data once retention periods have passed.

2-Factor Authentication (2-FA)

All 4CRM users have a username and password to login to their account, however to increase your users security and help protect your data all users can now add 2-FA to their login which, basically means that when a user logs into their 4CRM Account they are sent a One Time Password (OTP) either to their email address or their mobile phone as a text message, they then input the OTP after their Username and Password allowing them to log them into their account securely. 4CRM Account Administrators can choose whether to make all their users have 2-FA or they can leave the decision up to each user.

Networking Mummies Awards

We are very proud to be sponsoring the National Networking Mummies Recognition Awards. The awards evening will take place on the 19th May 2018 in Birmingham.

We have been sponsoring the awards for many years and it one of the highlights of our year. It is such an inspirational evening, hearing about and recognising the achievements of so many businesses; all of different sizes, ages and markets. The Networking Mummies awards recognise the hard work people put into running their own business and how far they have come, with over 20,000 members it’s a huge achievement to be nominated and to become a finalist. Well done to everyone and we look forward to celebrating with you on the evening.