Business Management

4CRM is a fantastic tool to help manage your business the way you want. Create your own business data profiles with an easy to use management dashboard.

Customer Management

Easy to setup and use management dashboard for all your contacts. 4CRM allows you to create custom fields unique to your business to enable you to collect the data you want.

Opportunities Pipeline

View, add and edit Opportunities, add Forecasts and create Pipelines. View individual staff and company targets, with simple and easy to understand graphics.

Schedule & Calendar

Organise every aspect of your business, our easy to use event dashboard allows you to create and schedule events and link them to your colleagues

Task Management

Simply set tasks and apply them to your contacts and businesses. Assign these to your teams, manage deadlines and get things done.

Message Management

A fully branded message system that controls all your messages. A powerful way to manage all your communications.

Form Management

Create all the froms you need for your business you can share and manage them all via the Form Management dashboard.

Document Management

4CRM keeps all you documants and files together so each of your clients communications are all in one place and very easy to find and manage.

Quote Management

Manage all your quotes/estimates simply with 4CRM. Know what’s outstanding and follow up with ease helping you convert more business.

Invoice Management

Invoicing your customers has never been easier. Our powerful accounting system allows you to keep your business on track so you can get on with other things.

Email Management

Run your email marketing through 4CRM. Send out campaigns and newsletters intelligently through your database and manage activity.

Activity Management

See exactly what’s happenning for every aspect of your business at the touch of a button. 4CRM keeps you up to date and on top of things.

Advanced Search

Find what you want, when you need it. Our advanced search function allows you to report on absolutely everything quickly and simply. Keeping you in control, always.

Event & Course Bookings

The Event and Course booking Module allows 4CRM Customers to advertise and publish Events and Course on their own fully branded Web page.

Online Registers

All you need is a list of search categories, which can be anything from a list of Trades, Products or Services, a front end Register designed and hosted by the Siteon and 4CRM Team, and a list of businesses you want to add or ask to register. Simple.

Interactive SMS

With such a large percentage of the population owning a mobile phone SMS Text Messaging cannot be beaten as a method for communicating. Users can receive messages anywhere, at home, on the train or even at work!

Revalidation Module

The 4CRM Revalidation Module allows, Local and Central Government Departments, Businesses and Charities to Re-Validate and renew their local businesses, customers, individuals, suppliers and member information at the end of a set period.